Bone Valley Fossil Farm

Water based fossil hunting on land. Adults are provided with a hose to wash the fossils out of the fossil matrix. Some of the types of shark teeth you will find include Lemon Shark, Tiger Shark, Bull Shark, Mako, Snaggletooth Hemi, Hammerhead, Sand Tiger, and you may even find the elusive Megalodon Shark Tooth!

Bowling Green, Florida

Bone Valley Fossil Farm

Bowling Green, Florida

The abundant fossils in the Central Florida phosphate district give it the nickname “Bone Valley”.  The Bone Valley formation is on top of the Hawthorn formation and can be under 10-40 feet of sand.  It is 5 – 23 million years old and contains fossils from the Miocene to early Pliocene eras. The Bone Valley Formation is blessed with a bountiful supply of fossils and phosphate that primeval seas deposited here millions of years ago. The phosphate rich sediments are believed to have formed from precipitation of phosphate from seawater along with the skeletons and waste products of creatures living in the seas. Rivers and streams flowed down to the sea, carrying material washed from the land. This material was deposited in shallow lagoons and bays along the coast, forming deposits of sand and clay. These deposits contain the remains of land animals brought in by the rivers and streams, and also marine creatures that inhabited the coastal waters.

Bone Valley Fossil Farm digs the fossil matrix from underground and places the matrix in piles at wash stations with hoses for customers to wash down looking for fossils.  Shark Teeth are abundant in the area as this part of Florida used to be underwater and a part of a shallow sea. Some of the types of shark teeth you will find include

·   Lemon

·   Tiger

·   Bull

·   Mako

·   Snaggletooth Hemi

·   Hammerhead

·   Sand Tiger

·   Megalodon

Other fossils you may find include

·   Sting Ray

·   Burrfish

·   Dugong

·   Gator

·   Whale

·   Dolphin

·   Turtle

·   Mammoth

·   Mastodon

·   Peccary

·   Rhino

·   Horse

Unearth the Past: Experience an Adventure with Bone Valley Fossil Farm Shark Teeth and Fossil Hunting Tours!

Take a step back in time and unlock the mysteries of our planet's ancient past with Bone Valley Fossil Farm. Immerse yourself in an exhilarating adventure as you embark on a journey to uncover the hidden treasures that lie beneath the surface. These tours provide a unique opportunity to become a modern-day explorer and discover fossils that have been preserved for millions of years. From shark teeth to mammal bones the Bone Valley Region in Florida is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Whether you're a seasoned fossil enthusiast or a curious beginner, these tours offer an unforgettable experience for all ages. So grab your sunscreen, put on your adventurer's hat, and prepare to unearth the past with Bone Valley Fossil Farm. Get ready to witness history come alive as you uncover the secrets of our planet's incredible past.

History and significance of Bone Valley fossil hunting:

The Bone Valley Region, located in Florida, is not only a beautiful part of our state but also a hotspot for fossil hunting. The area’s history dates back millions of years, making it a prime location for discovering remnants of ancient life. Bone Valley has been a source of fascination for paleontologists and fossil enthusiasts alike, due to its rich deposits of prehistoric marine and terrestrial fossils. At Bone Valley Fossil Farm, we are digging a fossil matrix layer from 12-15 feet underground here on the farm. We place this in piles at a set of wash stations for you to look through for shark teeth and other fossils. All teeth and other fossils are naturally appearing in the material. As you go through the pile, it will be refilled during the day if your material runs low. Each station can accommodate 1-2 adults and several children.  Bone Valley holds a wealth of fossilized treasures waiting to be discovered.

Embarking on a Bone Valley Fossil Farm fossil hunting tour is not just an adventure; it's an experience of a lifetime!

What to expect on a Bone Valley Fossil Farm fossil hunting tour. 

It's important to note that fossil hunting requires patience and a keen eye.

We provide essential equipment and tools for fossil hunting:

·       Sifters & Shovels

·       Water hose to wash the fossil matrix material down

Suggested items for you to bring:

·   Cooler with plenty of drinks

·   Lunch/snacks

·   Hat, Sunscreen & Bug spray

·   Shade canopy or beach umbrella

·   Chairs  

·   Containers/bags for your treasures

·   Rain gear

·   Change of clothes/shoes

·   Towels

·   Extra socks or neoprene water booties

How to book your Bone Valley Fossil Farm fossil hunting tour:

Simply send us a message or email (bonevalleyadventure@gmail.com) stating your preferred date(s), Number of Adults and their names, number of children and a contact phone number. We do not take deposits or payment in advance, just payment in cash only when you arrive. We will confirm availability and send you detailed instructions.


Conclusion: Unleashing your inner paleontologist with Bone Valley Fossil Farm fossil hunting tours

Unearthing the past and exploring the wonders of Bone Valley Fossil Farm is an experience that transcends time. With Bone Valley Fossil Farm Fossil Hunting Tours, you have the opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery and witness history come alive. Whether you're a seasoned fossil enthusiast or a curious beginner, these tours offer an immersive adventure that combines education, excitement, and the thrill of uncovering ancient treasures.

By delving into the rich history and significance of Bone Valley, you gain a deeper appreciation for the region's geological past and its contribution to our understanding of the world. Equipped with essential tools and knowledge, you're ready to embark on a successful fossil hunting